There are 4 options you can choose from when it comes to Solar PV

1) You can purchase solar panels outright and create your own power and get paid for it as well. This has been available for many years now and can be seen in almost every street. At Greenewable we act as a broker in your interest. We do not have salesmen who want to visit you and bore you to death for hours then phone the manager to drop the prices. We discuss your needs over the phone , find the right solution for you and tell you exactly what the cost would be and the benefits for you. Because we distribute to the trade we have access to the best products and the best installers meaning you do not have to deal with the sales companies.

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2) The second option is for those who have already installed solar pv on there properties. Because the electricity costs are rising again at an alarming rate and because most electricity is consumed when the sun goes in we find that battery storage systems are now the best selling and most sensible addition to an existing set up. This means that as well as receiving the tariffs available you can also store the electricity your system generates during daylight hours ready for you to use at night saving you even more money and protecting you from the price rises.

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3) The 3rd option is to purchase a new solar pv system and battery storage at the same time saving you money and protecting your selves against the ever increasing energy costs.

4) And lastly if you do not want the outlay of a system we can also arrange for a solar system and battery storage system to be installed free of charge and you pay the company a fixed rate for your energy bills at a much lower rate that exists from any electricity provider.

If you are thinking of any renewable energy product please feel free to call us and we will always give you free impartial advice and will try and steer you in the right direction .